Dear Members,

  1. At the very outset, the Club wishes to thank everyone for the whole hearted participation in the Independence Day Dance held on 13 Aug as also the Bumper Tambola on the following day and making the events successful. The Saturday night Tambola was also highly subscribed with gifts adding to the happiness quotient. This has given us confidence to make it a regular feature in future also. Likewise, weekly special menus have been introduced for the foodies and the concept of Monthly Buffet with exotic cuisines is being reinvigorated with the first being ONAM Sadhya.

  2. Promenade Rendezvous. Moving on from here, it is a blessing that we have been showered with a good monsoon season. Despite torrential rains and the ongoing upgradation works, we have tried to keep the promenade spick and span for everyday usage. It was heartening to see members enjoying their morning and evening walks. Although, we expect rains in September as well, but let that in no way dampen your spirits for the morning and evening rendezvous with the promenade and the breakfast / tea at Tee Cix. However, the members are requested not to run / walk / sit on the Parapet wall / steps for their own safety. Security guards have been instructed to advise / warn guests and report infringements, if any. Some of the security lights on the promenade have been repaired and operationalised thereby making it safe for the members, especially the aged ones, to take a walk in late evenings. New lights have also been added for increased luminescence on the main road leading to the Annexe.

  3. Timings of Catering Services. In order to provide you with uninterrupted service, timings of the Tee Cix and High tide have been extended by half an hour in the morning and afternoon sessions. This would satisfy the hunger pangs of one and all especially those members who come from far off locations.

  4. QR Code On-Line Payment Facilities. New facility of payment through scanning of QR Code has been introduced at the Club Office, Main Club & Annexe Reception. Additionally, On-line payment facilities like SBI link payment, SBI Free Collection, Bill desk payment gateway through website and NEFT can also be used by members to pay bills as per the following details: -

    ACCOUNT NO : 36321771031
    IFSC CODE : SBIN0008780
    BRANCH CODE : 8780

    Members are requested to write their names and membership number in the same line (remark column) while transferring money. After making payments, please send an email of your transaction with your name & membership number on the email id of the club (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  5. Safety & Security In order to enhance safety and security of the Club, additional CCTV camaras have been installed for better monitoring. Further, an audit of electrical fittings is being undertaken to prevent any untoward incidents.

  6. Golf Course. Although the monsoons show no sign of receding, continual efforts by the ground staff have ensured that the course and driving range remains open for members. Although a herculean task, attempts are being made to make the full course available to golfers within this month.

  7. Repair to Facilities. The roof of the Gymnasium and Cards Room have been repaired and aesthetic of both facilities improved to enable members to have a wonderful feel and experience.

  8. Party Venues. With a view to let guests celebrate their special moments at the club and not to disappoint any members, the club has strived to host upto five concurrent parties at its numerous outdoor and A/C venues. We look forward to members making good memories at US Club.

  9. Areas of Cooperation.

    (a) Dress Regulations. US Club is a prestigious Tri Service Club with a rich history. This necessitates that all members adhere to the dress regulations irrespective of their membership category, as laid down in the Club Byelaw 16, a copy of which has been displayed prominently at the Annexe and Main Club for reference. The staff has been instructed to show a ‘REGRET’ card to members not conforming to the dress code. Members are requested to cooperate and contact Reception for any further clarification. As a goodwill gesture, T-shirts with collars, black formal shoes (of various sizes) and socks are available at nominal rates at the Reception to enable members to enjoy their evenings.

    (b) Parking. Wrong parking adversely affects the access of vehicles, causing inconvenience to the other members. Members are requested to park their vehicles within the marked areas only. Likewise chauffeur driven cars are to be parked in designated areas only.

    (c) Welcome Chit. In order to avail any club facility, such as Cards / Sports / Swimming / Tambola / Restaurants, at the Annexe or the Main Club, it is compulsory for members to obtain a Welcome Chit from the Reception. This helps in preventing misuse of facilities by unauthorized personnel.

    (d) It has come to light that many members get their Ayyas/ attendants to the Club and sign them in as Guests. This is not only against the rules but lowers the decorum / standards of the Club. This needs to stop forthwith as the Management will take strict action on such offenders.

    (e) Out-Side Food / Refreshment. Consumption of outside food in the Club premises is strictly prohibited. This is important to not only ensure the growth of the Club but also to identify problem areas / assign responsibilities in case of an untoward incident with respect to food.

    (f) Speeding of Vehicles. Even though undergrowth on the pavement along the Golf Course road in the Club Annexe has been cleared, the road is narrow. Members are requested to abide by the speed limit of 20 Kmph and drive with care especially when Golfers are playing.

  10. Events of the Month

    (a) Dandiya Dance will be held on Saturday, 24 Sep 22, 8.00 pm onwards at Club Annexe.

    (b) Tambola will be held every Sunday at the Main Club, 11.30 AM onwards. Tambola evening for this month is planned on 17 Sep and members will be intimated of changes if any. Bumper Tambola will be played on 25 Sep from 11.00 am onwards.

    (c) With a view to have something for everyone, Impasto Painting Workshop is scheduled for budding artists on 17 Sep and Wine Tasting is planned on 18 Sep 22. Since limited numbers can be accommodated for these events, members are requested to register their names at the earliest.

    (d) Your favourite and evergreen Roney Gomes will continue to enthrall you every Sunday evening at the Annexe with live Music.

Looking forward to Members enjoying their outings at the Club.


(Gagan Kaushal)