Dear Members,

  1. The management and the staff of the esteemed club welcomes back all members and their dependents after the summer break. We at the club promise and ensure that you have a wonderful time at the club. Our endeavour to serve you better continues.

  2. All members / dependents are requested to ensure that they carry valid club cards. The club cards are renewed every five years. All members are requested to check the validity of the cards.

  3. Welcome Chit is mandatory while availing any club facility such as Cards / All Sports / Swimming / Tambola / Restaurants, both at the Annexe and Main Club.

  4. Corn – Cob our Desi Bhuta! The weather calls for this desi treat at the Annexe by old and young. Exercise the ‘Dentists Delight’ with charcoal cooked corn flavoured with spices.

  5. Let Life be a Celebration (PARTY VENUES). The pristine location of our club uplifts each one’s spirit. Let us continue the celebration and host parties at the following Air Condition Venues.

    (a) Top Deck - 125
    (b) Coffee Shop - 50
    (c) High Tide Upper Bar - 25
    (d) Tambola Hall - 100
    (e) High Dive - 30

  6. Happy Days are here again. Get set for dancing in the rain. With the most awaited time of the year, we are all ready to set up the stage for the Monsoon Ball on 23rd Jul 22. Looking forward to seeing all members/ dependents/guests to have a fun filled evening with great music, DJ and yummilicious food.

  7. Free Social Jive Workshop by Dance Planet. The renowned chorographer of various realty shows, Mrs Lillian Mendes, popular face on Indian Television, is all set to conduct a free workshop and teach us to grove to any kind of music be it Salsa / Jive / Cha-Cha-Cha/ Bollywood etc. Request members / dependents to register for this free workshop before we commence the event. For workshop, please contact 9152125093, US Club Main Office timings 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs.

  8. Golf Course. It has been a constant endeavour of the US Club to keep the golf course playable despite inclement weather. The regular golfers have appreciated the efforts of the ground staff in doing so in this season also. The Golf staff has put in extra hours of work after the rains have stopped and made the course playable. The club appreciates the hard work put in by the Golf staff and commends every single member of the golf staff for their unflinching dedication to their work.

  9. Areas of Concern.

    (a) Dress Regulations. All members are to follow dress regulations laid down in the club bye laws 16. Also, a copy of which has been put up on board at Annexe and Main Club for reference. Without dampening the spirits of the member / guests who are inappropriately dressed we have kept T-shirts with collars and black formal shoes (of various sizes), for their convenience. However, members will be charged nominal rates for the same.
    (b) Parking. Wrong parking adversely affects the access of vehicles, causing inconvenience to the other members. Members are requested to park their vehicles within the marked areas only.
    (c) Feeding of Dog/ Cats. Feeding of dogs / cats is strictly prohibited in the lawns / Lagoon Verandah/ T-Cix Area and the entire club premises. Members violating the rule shall be penalized.
    (d) It has come to light that many members get their Ayyas/ attendants to the club and sign as guest. Management will take serious view if such aberration is observed.
    (e) Out-Side Food / Refreshment. It has come to light that few members carry their own tea/ coffee / refreshments and have in within the club premises. Members are requested to refrain from doing so as to the growth of the club.
    (f) Speeding of Vehicles. The road through the Golf Course inside the club Annexe is narrow. The pedestrians also use the same road. Therefore, in the interest of safety, the speed limit inside the club is 20 Kmph. Members are requested to abide by the speed limits. Also during night time the head lights should be dipped. For chauffer driven vehicles, members are requested to instruct the same to their drivers.

  10. Events of the Month

    (a) Monsoon Dance will be held on Saturday, 23rd Jul, 8.30 pm onwards at Annexe.
    (b) Tambola every Sunday at the Main Club 11 AM onwards. Bumper Tambola will be played on 31 Jul.
    (c) Dance to the tune of Roney Gomes every Sunday evening at the Annexe.


(Gagan Kaushal)


Place: United Services Club, Mumbai
Date:  05 Jul 22