News Letter
NEWSLETTER   January 2020
Dear Members,
1. The Chairman, Members of the Management Committee and Staff of the US Club wish you all a Very Happy, Bright and a Prosperous New Year 2020. May this year bring glad tidings, good health and peace into your lives. The club appreciates your continued patronage and we value your whole hearted support.
2. Let’s welcome the New Year with joy, and pray for “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Mankind.’
3. We bid farewell to 2019 on New Year’s Eve celebration on 31 December. We put in our best efforts to bring in an evening of great passion for you all. It was a very well attended function. The club thanks all the members for huge compliments on the conduct of the New Year Eve function. Both young and young-at-heart were seen enjoying themselves and letting their hair down in a bid to bring in a joyous New Year. Great beat of Music Mix of DJ is still ringing in our ears.
4. The X’Mas Party for children on the evening of 25th Dec 2019 was also very colorful and greatly enjoyed by the children, parents and grandparents. The arrival of Santa Claus was very innovative; due to dense fog over the skies his reindeer couldn’t make it, so Santa requested for a modified farm equipment and he drove into the Annexe at 6 pm for a party with the children. He was very warmly received by his young fans as he drove in from the golf course to the party venue where their X’Mas party was on in full swing. All the children wanted to shake hands with him as he gave them a gift each to take home. After enjoying games, music, tattoos, train rides and amusements, the little ones were given their presents by Santa. All parents were gaga over the event and the party was over by 8 pm with happy children dancing their way home.
5. Play Catch 22. We plan to usher in the New Year with a play Catch 22 by a Prithvi group of artists. The play is directed by the renowned director Trishla Patel who has directed more than 80 plays in her career. The play will commence at 8 pm at the High Tide lawns in the Annexe. Entry would be free for members and guests would be charged a nominal charge.
6. Lohri. We will celebrate the Lohri commencing 8.30 pm on 13 Jan 2020 in traditional style. The Annexe will be transformed into a village and members can enjoy ‘Makki di Roti’ and ‘Sarson da Saag’ amongst other eats and dance to thumping ‘Balle – Balle’ music. Don’t miss the evening – lots of efforts have been put in by the club to make this evening a memorable one.
7. NEFT Transactions for Payment of the Club Bill. NEFT transactions take approximately 48 hours to be reflected in their accounts. Members may kindly factor the same while utilising the club facilities post payment through NEFT. Members are additionally requested to email a copy of the NEFT transaction slip to so as to update records of the club.
8. May I also take this opportunity to inform the members about a few things which the club expects from you to better the services in the club. First, is the issue of parking your vehicles in the designated parking areas. This needs no amplification as it can be easily perceived that your wrong parking adversely affects the parking of vehicles of other members in addition to inconveniencing a lot of people. Please do not force the club to charge parking fines to the members to streamline this issue as the club feels that it is derogatory to fine such an accomplished set of members of this prestigious club on a small issue like parking. Second, is the issue of some members getting into an argument with the club staff over some issue or the other either at the reception or while being served subsequently. Members may please note that the club staff follows the directives issued to them by the Management, and hence getting into any altercation with them is unwarranted and uncalled for. Also, of late members have started demanding that children below 12 years be permitted to use the Lagoon restaurant. This is against the club rules and cannot be permitted. The club rules are simple and laid down. Members are expected to be aware of the rules and follow them. There have also been instances when the data sheets of the members are not updated/ incorrect, thereby leading to unnecessary arguments over the age of their children etc. Please ensure that all data pertaining to you and your family is correctly updated in the records of the club. May I request all the members to avoid getting into any altercation with the club staff. However, in the event of any unpleasant situation, the member is requested to speak to the Secretary whose telephone number is available at the reception.
9. Speeding of Vehicles. The road through the Golf Course inside the club Annexe is narrow. The pedestrians also use the same road. Therefore, in the interest of safety, the speed limit inside the club is 30 Kmph. Members are requested to abide by the speed limits. Also during night time the head lights should be dipped. For chauffer driven vehicles, members are requested to instruct the same to their drivers.
10. Events of the Month.

(a) A play Catch 22 will be held on Sunday, 05 January, 8.00 pm onwards at the Annexe.
(b) Lohri will be celebrated on Monday, 13 January, 8.30 pm onwards at the Annexe.
(c) Street Food Festival along with Kite Flying will be celebrated on Sunday, 26 January, 1030 hrs onwards at the Annexe. Members can buy kites and all accessories at the spot.
(d) Tombola is played every Sunday from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs. Bumper Tombola will be played on 26th January.
(e) Dance to the tunes of Roney Gomes every Sunday evening at the Annexe.
11. A few general points are enumerated in the succeeding attachment to this newsletter. All members are requested to go through the same to keep themselves updated on various issues pertaining to the facilities and timings of various activities in the club.
12. In conclusion, wishing you all the very best and looking forward to your continued interaction with the club including suggestions to make this club more vibrant, and the facilities more meaningful and enjoyable for each and every one of us. Thanking you all once again.
  Wishing you all the very best and a very
Happy New Year once again

    (SG Panda)
  Place : United Services Club,

Date :  02 Jan 20
General Points for Information
1. Classes. The following classes are presently being held in the club:-
  (a) Aerobics by Mrs Amrita Warikoo
  (b) Zumba Classes by Mrs Rupali Barve
  (c) Yoga by Mrs Gunreet Atwal
  Members desirous of joining the above classes may contact Mrs Amrita Warikoo, Mrs Rupali Barve and Mrs Gunreet Atwal on mobiles 09082133985, 09966330412 and 7675010777 respectively.
2. Weekly Closing of Main Club and Annexe. All Club facilities for weekly off will be closed on days mentioned against each:-
  Golf and Annexe : Monday
  Main Club : Tuesday
3. Swimming Pool. In order to carry out maintenance of the pool, swimming pool will be closed from 1400 to 1600 h everyday. The following timings will be followed:-
  (a) Members, Spouse and – 0630 – 1400 h
    guests above 18 years 1600 – 2030 h
  (b) Dependents and guests - 0630 – 1400 h
    below 18 years 1600 – 1845 h
  (c) Tuesday - Closed
4. The club would like to reiterate a few issues for the benefit of members. The same are enumerated in the succeeding paragraphs.
  Payment of Bills. Members are requested to maintain a minimum of zero balance account with the club.
  Updating of Mobile and Email ID. Our endeavour to reach out to members through SMS and e-mail will only be successful if members update their mobile numbers and e-mail IDs with the club. Members are requested to intimate the clubs IT operator, Shri Shahbaz Khan, on Mobile No 09029248255 regarding their mobile nos and email Id. This will enable keeping the members updated on the latest events of the club.
  Singing on Chits. Members are requested to write their Name in full, Membership No and Welcome Chit No to avoid billing errors.
  Club Web Site. Members must visit the club website to know about their bill details. The ‘Member Login’ page gives complete details of your current and previous monthly bills. The ‘Bill Details’ Section shows you a complete breakdown of F&B items consumed by you with their price. Your latest balance is also shown. Option for online payment appears on the page in case there is a negative balance in excess of the permissible limit.
  On Line Payment. The transaction charges for payment of bills on line have been negotiated with the bill desk provider. The revised rates are as under:-
  (a) Credit Cards – Visa/ MasterCard Transactions – 1.80 % of Customer Payment Amount.
  (b) Credit Cards – Amex / Diners Transactions – 2.75 % of Customer Payment Amount.
  (c) Net banking transactions
    (i) HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank, and Kotak Bank. 1.75% of Customer Payment Amount.
    (ii) Other Banks.1.25% of Customer Payment Amount.
    (iii) SBI collection transaction charges waived off.
  (b) Cash Cards / Wallets / Retail Channels transactions – 2.00% of Customer Payment Amount
  (c) Debit Card transactions maximum upto Rs 2000/- no charges.
  (d) UPI transactions maximum upto Rs 2000/- no charges.
  Procedure for Online Payments
  (a) Go on website:
  (b) Login by membership number.
  (c) Password (by default 123)
  (d) Update Profile.
  (e) Monthly billing – select “month”
  (f) If debit – select “ pay now”
  (g) Charges will be displayed.
  (h) Select “pay now” (to pay by debit/credit card). You can increase this amount manually by erasing it on your screen and entering the enhanced figure to maintain a positive balance account
  Dress Regulations. Please follow the simple rule of being formal rather than casual. Dress Regulations are laid down in Club Bye Laws 15. Slippers are not allowed in the club as foot wear for anyone.
  Dress not Permitted. Chappals, pathan shoes, kurta-pyjama, dhoti-kurta, round neck tee-shirt, sneakers.
  NEFT. The club has successfully tied up with the State Bank of India in commissioning yet another mode of money transfer by NEFT. This is one of the most economical and convenient way of money transfer for making bill payments or paying subscription or clearing any outstanding payments/ bills electronically. Details regarding usage of this way of remittance are displayed on the NOTICE BOARD of the clubs website It may also be pertinent to mention here that the club initially discouraged cash payments and now has stopped all cash transactions across the counter for paying any bills. NEFT is one more step towards ensuring the clubs resolve to have a cashless setup.
  No Smoking Zone. A NO SMOKING ZONE has been enforced at the Annexe and Main Club. Smoking, however, is permitted at areas indicated below:-
  (a) Main Club - On lawn just outside the Main Bar.
                       On lawn in swimming pool area.

(b) Annexe - In the Canopy Area excluding the Children Play Area.
  Club Membership Card. All members and their dependents are requested to carry and swipe their new membership cards at the entrance of the Main Club and Annexe. Entry into the club without a valid membership card will not be permitted. Also, the old cards will not be honoured.
  Helpers. The club prohibits the presence of personal security/bodyguards, ayahs and attendants anywhere in the club premises. Signing them in as ‘guests’ is strictly not permitted. Infirm members requiring help may please speak to the Secretary in this regards.
  Drivers. Drivers are permitted only in the parking area for chauffeur driven cars.
  Feeding Strays. Feeding of stray dogs / cats within the club premises is strictly prohibited. The dogs may be fed at the ‘dog feeding point’ only.
  Sound Levels. Members may kindly note that music and use of PA equipment, when permitted, for all private parties in the club is to stop at 10 pm sharp. The volume is not to exceed permissible levels as it disturbs other members and residents staying in the proximity of the club. As a thumb rule, the music should be audible within the immediate venue only.
  Golf Safety. Golfers play till sunset on all days except Mondays. Walkers are cautioned not to enter and walk on the fairways before sunset as it is very dangerous. When you are driving in the Annexe please stop and check if a golfer is teeing off before you proceed. This is in your own interest. Members are also requested to educate non golfers in their circle of influence about the dangers of a flying golf ball.
  Signing in of Guests. The request to sign in their guests at the entrance of the Main Club and Annexe has been repeatedly made to the members. Guests are not to be taken in without being signed in, under any circumstances. Dependents are not permitted to sign in guests. The Managing Committee has directed that violation of this rule on the first occasion will invite a warning letter from the Secretary. On the next occasion, membership will be suspended for six months.
  Entertaining of Foreign Nationals. Entertaining foreign nationals in the club without prior permission is strictly prohibited. There is a well laid out procedure to take permission of the Command for entertaining foreign nationals. Members are to take the requisite form from the Secretaries office and submit the same with requisite documents atleast a fortnight prior to the date of entertaining your foreign friends. The club liaises with the Command to request for all such approvals. It is reiterated that any foreign national can visit the club as a members guest only if this approval has been accorded by the Command and the conduct of this guest whilst in the club is the sole responsibility of the host member.
  Adhering to Club Timings. Working of staff is designed in a manner so that services can be provided within the promulgated club working hours only. When the staff is detained overtime it adds unnecessary financial burden on the club which can be avoided. Members and their dependents are therefore requested to strictly adhere to promulgated club timings.
  Discipline. It is informed with regret that there are instances of poor discipline when it comes to adhering to club rules like dress regulations, carrying club membership cards, parking, signing in of guests, not feeding stray dogs and following club timings etc. Members are requested to strictly adhere to the rules. Club staff is directed to bring infringement to the notice of members immediately. Kindly do not get into arguments with the duty staff nominated to ensure that rules are being followed as they are doing so on directions of the Managing Committee.
Latest News

The much awaited online payment has been
Processing fees as follows subject to minimum Rs 10/- per transaction.

(1) Net banking

(a) For HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, SBI & associate bank : 1.75%

(b) For all other banks : 1.25%

(2) Visa / Master Credit Card : 2.00% of Customer Payment Amount

(3) Visa / Master Debit Card/ RuPay/ Direct Network / UPI Transactions:

(a) Upto Rs. 1000/- : 0.25% of Customer Amount

(b) Above Rs. 1000/- but up to Rs. 2000/- : 0.50% of Customer Amount

(c) Above Rs. 2000/-: 1.00% of Customer Amount

(4) Amex / Diners Card : 2.75% of Customer Amount

(5) Prepaid / Mobile / Bank wallets & Cash card : 2.50% of Customer Amount

(6) UPI / BharatQR – as per the Debit and Credit Card commercials mentioned above

Service Taxes & other Govt. levies, as applicable would be charged on the above.



Members may view personal information regarding billing, correspondence etc after login. To login , enter user name (eg: A-2222 AF, B-3333 AFP, C-3333 CIVILIAN, SOC-4444). Members are requested to change their password after first login.

To receive Emails and SMS alerts all members are requested to Log In and using the ‘Update Profile’ option send us your latest contact details.

Please see Newsletter for March 2020

Reiterating Some Ground Rules

Members are informed that the club emphatically prohibits the presence of personal security / bodyguards, ayahs and attendants anywhere in the club premises. Signing them in as ‘guests’ is strictly not permitted.

Drivers are permitted only till the parking area.

Dog attendants, in
possession of a valid security pass are permitted, only in the area earmarked for exercising dogs.

Feeding of strays within the club premises is strictly prohibited. They can be fed at the ‘dog feeding point’ near the Golf workshop.

Music and use of PA equipment, when permitted, for all private parties in the club is to stop at 10 pm sharp. Members who have booked parties earlier may kindly note this. The volume is not to exceed 80db as it disturbs other members as also residents staying in the proximity of the club.

Golfers play till 6.30 p.m. on all days except Mondays. Walkers are cautioned not to enter and walk on the fairways before 6.30 pm as it is dangerous. When you are driving in the Annexe please stop and check if a golfer is teeing off before you proceed. This is in your own interest.

Members are requested to strictly adhere to this rule. Violation of above rules on the first occasion will invite a warning letter from the Secretary. On the next occasion, membership will be suspended for six months.

All Club Facilities For Weekly Off Will Be Closed On Days Mentioned Against Each:-

Main Club : Tuesday
Golf And Annexe : Monday

Any Armed Force Member Who on Retirement Does Not Convert His Membership Category From Service To Retired (AF To AFP) Within 90 Days of Receipt of P.P.O. Will Be Charged Interest of 2 ½ Percent Per Month on The Balance Amount. Thereafter Till Date of Application.



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